Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mas Cucos Para Ustedes.

Sorry. I was Sick as Hell. Now, I'm just Sick. So Here's Me, gettin' back into the swing of things. I'm workin' up a Header for this blog as well. So Hopefully, that will be up soon.



Monday, January 4, 2010

Mo' Monday Mornin' Blues...

Well, I'm not really Blue. Just wonderin' where My mornin' went is all. I still have a bunch of Doo-Doo's to Do, and feel like My minutes are evaporatin' at an accelerated pace.

So here's the Sketch-A-Roni's I shoulda' posted yesterday.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Batch of CUCOS for You...

I'm Goin' to keep'em comin', so tell You Friends...



I Am Such a Bad Blog Dad.

I have still done an "A Cuco A Day", everyday. I still have a Dumpload to scan and upload. I'm goin' to post a grip everyday til I catch up to the current day, and get back on Regularly Scheduled Posts here again. Who knows, if there's enough of an interest, I might put it all together in an Artbook. OoooH!!! I'm gettin' all Anxious just thinkin' about it.

Onto a Batch of "A Cuco A Day" pages. (*I'll have to come back and add some info tidbits to these tomorrow. I'm Tired.)

Aaand, Just to remind You. I still have the 1st set of "Cucos!" buttons available. Hit me up at My email, . And I would like to Thank Raf and Amy again for makin' sure this 1st. set got made.

Good Night, or Good Mornin', I Guess'll depend on when You actually see this post.