Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Much Catching Up To Do...

As I post this, I'm listening to Elvira's "Here Comes The Bride (The Bride Of Frankenstein)", on live365.com (Damn You 90's for some Silly-Ass Music).

More CUCOS Sketch Scans...

Muertito is one of My New CUCOS characters that I'm thinkin' of expandin' on. The 1st sketch on the far right just went in a direction that I wasn't feelin' at all.

Yes, I know the text on "Vampire Kitteh" is wrong (twice even). What can I say, I'm not a Great Multi-Tasker. And "Yes" that is a Fish Dress.

Zombie Post-It Doodie (Way More Post-It Doodies Comin').

Never, and I mean Never, turn Your back on a "Chocolate Kill Cookie". Those little psychopaths will get You and just gnaw at Your face til it's all gone. "How do You tell the difference between a regular "Chocolate Chip" and a "Chocolate Kill" Cookie? The Red Eyes. Duh.

I was doodlin' these guys while watching some crappy old "B" Vampire flicks online. And that Creepy little "BatBoy" from the old Tabloid Magazines, worked it's way onto this doodie page.